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Are you in the market for the perfect rental home? You’ve come to the right place. At Decas Group, our intimate knowledge of the Birmingham area will help you locate the ideal community for your new address. We guide our prospective tenants through the process of finding and applying for the home of their dreams. Our goal is to make you feel right at home. Once you choose the ideal home, Decas Group provides you with the tools you need to make your rental experience convenient and hassle-free.



  • “We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having it all unpacked. You guys have also been a joy to work with thus far… Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises.”


Welcome home! Your continued satisfaction is our top priority, so at Decas Group we provide you with the accessible tools you need to ensure your rental experience is stress-free. Simply click on the links below to submit maintenance requests, to pay your rent, or to just drop us a line. Decas Group is committed to ensuring your experience is simple, secure, and stress-free.

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Q: When I move out, what do I need to do to receive my full security deposit back?
We advise that you remove all personal belongings and clean the house thoroughly including floors, walls, trim, windows, bathrooms, counters, cabinets, appliances. All carpets should be shampooed. Gutters should be cleaned out. The roof should be free of leaves and debris. If you are responsible for lawn maintenance, then the grass and hedges need to be trimmed to a reasonable height and all beds should be free of weeds. We ask that all damages be repaired by a licensed contractor that is approved by Decas Group.
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