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Agent Referral Program

At Decas Group we understand the importance of building relationships. Trust and integrity are the foundation of all our relationships, and we understand that, as an agent, you feel the same way. We developed our agent referral program with this in mind. Our program allows you, the real estate agent, to focus on sales, while allowing us to provide the care and support your clients need from the property management side.

Decas Group specializes in property management, and as a result, we have designed our Agent Referral program to provide the same level of care and attention that you’d provide yourself. Our full-service property management solution offers complete property care. This means that when you resume working with your client, the home will still be in ideal condition and ready to go back on the market.

We pledge to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your client, providing them with a smooth transition once they are ready to sell. As property management specialists, our focus is maintaining the property, allowing you to maintain the relationship with your client. Contact Decas Group today to find out how we can together provide the best services for investors.

Why Use the Referral Program?

  • Your client’s home has been on the market for an extended period, and it is likely not going to sell in the current market.
  • Your client needs a timely source of income and waiting any longer for their property to sell isn’t possible.
  • You have a client who is ready to buy a home and needs their current property to sell or rent.
  • You have a client who is currently looking for a home to rent.

How will you be compensated?
At Decas Group, we value our relationship with our realtors and want to ensure fair compensation for your expertise. We offer REALTOR referral fees. Whenever you refer a home to Decas Group and upon our rental of that home, we will pay you $250. If you show a tenant a home and they sign a lease, we will also pay you $250.
You will be paid once the following is complete:

  • Security Deposit Paid
  • Lease signed by tenant
  • Payment of first month’s rent received
  • Tenant occupies the home

Before we can pay invoices, though, we will need a W-9 on file for the real estate brokerage and an invoice that includes the name of the agent and the name of the applicant/tenant address of home.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 205-982-5647 for more information.

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